Here’s the painful truth: not all our organizations are going to make it through this crisis. But, those whose plans are most Audience-focused will have a huge advantage over those whose focus is mainly on adapted presenting formats and the logistics of safety.

In Part 2 of this think-piece, The 7 Pillars of Audience-focus, I shared a practical planning framework to transform your re-opening plans into urgent, radical experiments in Audience-focus. In this, Part 3, I’m sharing Covid Audience Mindsets, a crucial new model that maps, illuminates and segments your post-lockdown audiences.

We really need a map

Let’s start with…

Our sector is hurting, our colleagues’ jobs are in the balance and our organizations face uncertain financial futures. What we do next is going to shape the sector for the next decade. So, rather than looking backwards in an effort to re-create the way we were, this crisis presents us with a unique opportunity to take a leap forwards.

In Part 1 of this think-piece, We can do digital, can we do strategy?, I made the case for urgent, radical experiments in Audience-focus. In this, Part 2, I’m sharing The 7 Pillars of Audience-focus, a framework to help us do…

Audience-focus is the secret sauce that delivers our mission/vision/cause.

In this first of three think-pieces, I’m arguing that the phenomenal effort we’re all putting into giving audiences access to our digital content needs to be re-framed as a series of radical experiments that can make our post-lockdown organizations far more Audience-focused.

The response of arts, culture and heritage organizations to the Covid-19 crisis has been swift in deployment and magnificent in scale. Possibly too swift and too magnificent.

Week 1: The show must go on

As our venues and sites entered lockdown, our sector showed its determination to keep on giving our audiences access to our art, history, collections…

Andrew McIntyre

Andrew is a co-founder of the international consultancy, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM), and works with forward-thinking, cause-led cultural organizations.

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